Perma Futura Plus

perma FUTURA PLUS can be used in all types of applications with ambient temperatures from 0 to +40 °C. Depending on operating conditions, a lubricant volume of 120 cm³ is dispensed in 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Reliable function is based on an electrochemical reaction, which is started by simply turning the activation cap. The contained gas generator generates a pressure of max. 4 bar, which moves the piston forward and transports lubricant into the lubrication point.

perma FUTURA PLUS is used for single-point lubrication of roller and sliding bearings, sliding guides, open gears, gear racks, spindles, shaft seals, chains etc. Main application areas are wind turbines and the food industry. perma FUTURA PLUS has a corrosion-proof plastic housing, which makes it ideal for hygienically clean environments.

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