About Us

Industrial Plant LubricationIndustrial Plant Lubrication specialises in offering premium brand, high specification lubricants for all types of industrial applications. Based in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland we supply all aspects of industry from quarrying (tarmac, ready mix, concrete products ),  recycling industry,  plastics factories, food processors (beef ,poultry, pork), animal feed mills, engineering plants, wood processors to name but a few. If you are in industry and have any type of machinery we have a cost effective lubrication solution for you which will ensure that you get the best out of your equipment and help avoid costly breakdowns both in terms of repairing your equipment and costly downtime.

We carry in stock at all times a wide variety of both food grade and non-food grade lubricants. MSDS specifications and Allergen sheets are readily available for all products which we supply.

While we can supply lubricants from several different suppliers we are proud to be able to offer to you products from our principle supplier Jet-Lube.

Industrial Plant Lubrication is also pleased to offer you carefully selected premium performance products from several other suppliers which include Molyslip, Kent Industries, Perma Tec and Specialized Aerosols. All these products have been rigorously tested and have been selected as being among the highest performing lubricants in the various different applications relevant to their usage in industry.

While we at Industrial Plant Lubrication are very mindful of the fact that price is an important consideration when selecting the correct product for your individual application, we are firmly of the belief that of even more importance is taking into account how effective your choice is going to be in your environment. If the choice that you make is ineffective, and does not provide you with a reliable solution to your lubrication requirements, the small amount of money you may have saved will undoubtedly be insignificant when compared with the cost of repairing your equipment, and the loss of production in your facility while effecting these repairs. 30 years of experience at both a practical level and sales to industry has taught us this lesson many times!

Jet-Lube – Our Principle Supplier

Through 60 years of research, development, testing and manufacturing, Jet-Lube has developed a broad line of grease products for Industrial, Marine, Food Grade, and OEM applications; Anti-Seize Compounds, EP Greases, Thread Sealants, Lubricants, Penetrants and General Purpose Lubes and Cleaners.

Every Jet-Lube product is meticulously developed, manufactured and inspected to the industry’s most comprehensive and rigorous quality control standards. Jet-Lube is proud to have been ISO Certified since 1993. With manufacturing plants in Houston Texas USA, Edmonton Alberta Canada and the United Kingdom, Jet-Lube has earned its place as a world-wide leader in the lubrication industry.

Whatever your application, Jet-Lube has the right product to solve your lubrication needs. Through Jet-Lubes experienced R&D lab, we have the ability to create customized products for unique conditions, environmental regulations and to meet the toughest application requirements. Jet-Lube is also recognized by the NLGI (National Lubrication Grease Institute) as a master blender of grease products, by the ASTM for their research, test and R&D lab and the U.S. government for their Mil-Spec test capabilities.