Kent Hi-Tech Grease (NSF Lubricant for Professionals)

Kent Hi-Tech Grease (NSF lubricant for professionals)
NSF Rated H-1

Hi-Tech Grease offers the perfect solution for professional lubrication in the foodstuffs industry, gastronomy or catering.

In many areas of the foodstuffs industry but also for service providers from the areas of catering, sales and gastronomy there is a great demand for a lubricant that may also be used in the immediate proximity of foods. Such an NSF grease requires the certificate H1 for the safe use with indirect or occasional contact with foods. KENT Hi-Tech Grease is a PTFE-based, medium-viscosity grease in the cartridge for grease guns and is ideal for many different applications.

Benefits at a glance

  • NSF grease for machines and equipment in the proximity of foodstuffs
  • resistant against salt water, best corrosion protection
  • transparent, suitable for exposed areas
  • extremely temperature-resistant: -40° to +260° (wet) or + 340° Celsius (dry)
  • with NSF certificate H1
  • good creeping properties

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