Jet Lube Oven Chain Lubricant

Jet Lube Oven Chain Lubricant
NSF Rated H-1

Derived from a carefully evolved blend of high viscosity, non-smoking [288°C (550°F)], low odour synthetic fluids and surface tension modifiers. These lower the surface tension of the high viscosity fluids allowing them to move effectively to penetrate into the links and pins of the chain and lubricate the chain roller.

Jet Lube OVEN CHAIN LUBRICANT avoids the use of the potentially damaging organic additives by using a synergistic blend of micro-sized solid boundary lubricants that minimize wear by reducing metal-to-metal contact. The semi-fluid consistency is developed using a non-melting, inorganic thickener that reduces drip and subsequently the potential introduction of lubricant into food products.

State-of-the-art answer to oven chain lubrication. It can also be utilized effectively in gear lubrication applications.

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