Jet Lube Hammer Grease


HAMMER GREASE is an NLGI Grade 2 product suitable for use in extreme weather conditions. It is very tacky with high adhesive and cohesive properties. Far less HAMMER GREASE is needed than with competitive products, ensuring greater economy. Uniformly dispersed low-friction ingredients give high film strength, better lubricity, lower operating temperatures and lengthened equipment life. HAMMER GREASE may be applied by hand, gun or grease pump.



Use HAMMER GREASE on the sliding and other moving parts in powered hammers. Also use in drill rod connections when hammer drilling.

HAMMER GREASE can also be used on exposed gears of all types. This includes steam and power winches, hoists, mill and forge equipment, construction machinery, power shovels and dredges, edger roller gears, shovel gears, dipper sticks, pulverises, ring gears, cams, slipper shoes, rack and pinion, herringbone or bull gears, bridge and lock gearing and many other applications.

Also, use HAMMER GREASE wherever high unit pressures occur in slow-moving bearings and similar equipment. It prevents squeeze-out, stick-slip and drag. It lowers starting torques and excessive power requirements of prime-movers.


Use as a multi-purpose lubricant on enclosed chain, wire rope and cable, ways, vertical columns, elevator tracts, journals and sleeve bearings.

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