Jet Lube FMG – Food Machine Grease

Jet Lube FMG - Food Machine Grease
NSF Rated H-1
Temperature Range: -18°c to 204°c

Jet Lube FMG – Food Machine Grease has been formulated to perform in a wide variety of operating conditions. It is extremely water resistant and will remain in place even after frequent wash downs. Polymer additives provide adhesive/cohesive strength to protect against pound-out when shock loads are encountered.

FMG can be used in a wide range of temperatures. In food processing machinery it is recommended for the lubrication of roller, needle, ball, journal, and slide bearings.

For all food processing equipment needing a NSF registered material.

JET-LUBE FMG is an aluminium complex grease lubricant that is specifically designed for use in the food processing industry where it may have incidental food contact. It contains a bacteriostatic agent to retard bacteria and fungus growth.

  • Has a dropping point of >450°F
  • Excellent work stability under high loads
  • Fortified with rust and corrosion inhibitors
  • Contains Propylparaben – a bacterial fungi static agent
  • Highly water resistant
  • High strength fluid film lubrication
  • High aluminium complex soap content >10%
  • Pumpable formula
  • NLGI grade – 2
  • Temkin load – 65 lbs.

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