Jet Lube AP-1 High temperature Multi Purpose Grease

JET-LUBE AP-1 is formulated from bentone clay and is noted for its high temperature insensitivity, is nonmelting and does not thicken excessively at temperatures as low as 0°F (-18°C). It has mechanical stability, is water resistant, displays high stability on working, has excellent adhesion to metals, prevents wear and has superior storage life.


Contains oxidation inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors and metal deactivators. It offers positive protection for extreme services, which require heavy duty lubricant performance


AP-1 is a clear amber, smooth, nonmelting, water resistant grease for general purpose lubrication of plain and anti-friction bearings such as bearings in cookers, oven chain drives, forges, hot air blowers and dryers.

For applications where leaching of the oils can affect the performance of the equipment, for example: electric motors, blower motors, percussion drilling tools, and kiln bearings.

  • Has no dropping point
  • Excellent work stability under high loads, shock, and vibration
  • Fortified with rust corrosion inhibitors
  • High strength fluid film
  • Benton clay
  • NSF registered
  • Pumpable formula
  • NLGI grade – 2
  • Temkin Load – 45 Lbs.

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