Kent Perfect Inox Stainless Steel Cleaner

Kent Perfect Inox Stainless Steel Cleaner

The NSF-approved stainless steel cleaner maintains and reduces fingerprints

Stainless steel is not only rugged and resistant but also looks good. This fact is important in many industries where not only functionality but also looks matter and where customers and guests can see the respective surfaces and devices directly. Always keeping these stainless steel parts clean and reducing unpleasant spots is therefore all the more important. KENT Perfect Inox NSF-approved stainless steel cleaner gives you the ideal product for cleaning and care of stainless steel surfaces. What’s more, it comes with A7 NSF approval and may therefore also be used in areas where food is handled.

Benefits at a glance

  • removes soiling, slight grease films and food residues
  • forms a protective film against marks and spots
  • with A7 NSF approval for the foodstuffs industry
  • quick effect, easy to apply

Shiny stainless steel for gastronomy and vehicles

KENT Perfect Inox effortless removes soiling, food residues as well as slight grease films, as they develop, for example, in canteens or catering operations. The effect is quickly obtained and without much scrubbing while lasting long. The NSF-approved stainless steel cleaner promises shiny surfaces and sustained hygiene in kitchens, public facilities such as hospitals but also on boats, in special-purpose vehicles or many other areas in trade and industry. Thanks to the approval with A7 rating the NSF stainless steel cleaner can be used without problem on metal parts in areas where food is handled.

How to use the NSF degreaser correctly

KENT Perfect Inox NSF stainless steel degreaser is easy to use, saving time and especially effort and strain. First remove very thick crusts or grease layers with a spatula or scraper. Now shake the can with the cleaner vigorously and then apply the spray thinly on the surface to be cleaned. You can now simply wipe off the soiling with a wet cloth and, if necessary, follow up by polishing with a dry, lint-free cloth.

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